I'm C.
(the vampire slayer)

I like video games.
And tv shows.
And girls.

And I am a 21 year old future United States sailor (shipping 20140604) that loves my life, my job, and my friends.

My face looks like this
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Hi! Enjoyed this queued post! I’m currently in basic training, but today is my birthday and since I was told not to tell anyone at RTC (Apparently something terrible happens? I don’t know. But I’m not willing to find out.) I thought I would put it here.

Happy birthday, me.
Hope I’m not getting my ass kicked too badly!

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Still not at basic, as a result of my phone breaking down on the runway last night. Seriously. How does that kind of crap even happen? lol Looks like we’re heading there this morning though, so wish me luck! And luck to my 13 traveling companions that are currently spread out in the terminal half asleep and in a general state of disarray.

Go Navy! HOOYAH!

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i get very personally offended when people don’t find my celebrity crush to be attractive 

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Hi friends! I’ll be blogging randomly tonight as I try to force myself in to sleep, but I leave for basic tomorrow and this’ll probably be my last personal post.

I love love love you guys! See ya in August!

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so is anyone secretly in love with me yet

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sometimes I think about my own character development

#it’s shit someone should fire my writers

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gay update: still gay

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Rest in peace, Oberyn Martell, a pansexual man of color who defined himself entirely through the relationships he had to the women in his life.

A man who loved his sister and loved to sass so much he couldn’t figure out TO STAY OUT OF FUCKING ARM’S REACH OF THE MOUNTAIN ARE YOU INSANE

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